Ongoing support and maintenance

Engaging Epreneur beyond the delivery of a single project can have significant advantages in terms of protecting and optimising your digital assets.
As exciting as it is to push the button on a website or app and launch it into the wilderness, the story doesn’t end there.

Your digital asset is a living, breathing entity that requires ongoing attention and care. Here at Epreneur, we don’t aim to just drop the mic and walk away once your project goes live. We’d much rather be on the journey with you, helping you take your digital assets to new heights and being there to support you if things ever go awry (even if it happens to be at 1 am).

Think of it like buying a car – you wouldn’t buy a high-end luxury vehicle and then never get it serviced. The same goes with your investments in digital. Your website/app is a critical business asset that needs ongoing maintenance to perform at its best, whether that’s simply keeping up with patches and updates, or optimizing for maximum conversions. And if something goes wrong, you want to know that there’s someone there who’s got your back, someone who can help you get things back on track without delay. If you partner with us on an ongoing basis, you can also be sure that you’ll be kept in the loop with the latest advancements in technology. 

How we do it

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to client support. We will tailor a support arrangement for you that meets your specific needs and budget. Some of the services we can offer as part of an ongoing support plan include:

  • a dedicated on-site developer on a part-time basis to complement your internal resources 
  • business user support via phone, email and/or in person
  • management of maintenance requests
  • management of bugs and issues
  • CMS support and training
  • proactive maintenance activities 
  • proactive continuous improvement activities
  • monthly reporting
  • monthly activity recommendations

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