Uniform integrates with your CMS to provide lightning-fast personalisation on the Jamstack platform.

Uniform connects your CMS with modern developer tools, CDNs and provides the fastest, most scalable way of running your headless CMS-driven site with personalisation and A/B testing – effectively bringing the benefits of Jamstack to traditional DXPs, and the benefits of DXPs to headless CMSs. Uniform natively integrates with multiple CMSs, including Sitecore, Kontent by Kentico and Contentful.

It will allow you to:

  • Decrease your infrastructure costs
  • Use any CDN to deliver your sites
  • Leverage developer tools of choice
  • Build experiences using any front-end or static site generator
  • Dramatically improve site performance
  • Achieve significantly faster load times 
  • Reduce bounce rates

With Uniform your can reduce your risk by starting small, using what you need to prove value, and then scaling with confidence on a future-proof platform.

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